He Hears My Every Prayer

Jessica Horton

"He Hears My Every Prayer" is a tale of two characters. One is a silent sufferer who only raises her hand for "unspoken" requests. The other has worn his sins on the outside for a long time. This up-tempo, Reba-style song is sure to have folks singing along!

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M.A.C. Recording Artist

M.A.C. Recording Artist

Both Feet In

Both Feet In

Released March 21, 2019

This debut album by Jessica Horton includes eight original songs, including her first two radio releases, "Love Wins" and "Pictures." It also includes two country gospel tunes you know and love, "In The Garden" and "Life's Railway to Heaven." 

A Country Christmas

A Country Christmas

Released November 1, 2019

This album combines classic Christmas tunes with a Western swing! Featuring three original songs and a remastered edition of the previously released single "Holy Son Holy." 

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